Just not watching accidental of Fukushima nuclear plant?

Normal worker type of Japanese people has been against violent downfall of economic and energy resources after 4.17 Japan earthquake, whereas surrounding Fukushima nuclear plant has been a cause of the highest environmental risk as  MSNBC Before quake, Japan’s nuclear plant was a source of hope. Notably Yoshihiro’s revered academic and industry leaders occasionary tries to encourage  that damaged industry and life space, and also his revering professor Itami’s looked really into surviving people and its industry scenes around after that time.

Watching Japanese leadership and political intelligence

Understanding environmental issues caused by less functioning Fukushima nuclear plant and power supplying system is not so complex that normal Japanese directors should have to get inspired with loosing rural Japanese families, traditional foods, natural water supply and business. Although near term economic and political recovery time would be gone just for construction, most of their resources wouldn’t seem to return in the worst case. But isn’t it too much negative? Watching Japanese nation-wide rescue activities and costing is believing, and thinking again how to afford less and save more. 

How to do less, save more?

Management of Technology figured by Japanese, 2010

Going Tokyo University of Science from 2010-04, although Yoshihiro’s bold academicism is willing to practice software engineering exercises.
According to 2 years long grad school lives until 2012, Yoshihiro’s eager to study the latest theory in management of technology which Japan and global economics look at cautiously. As today’s USA government confesses reportedly that it needs 4 years long for rebuilding industries and more job requirements. In his tracking business circumstance to global from Japan, it would be a stimulous opportunity as of software business model development along with MOT in Tokyo.
Just being an engineering manager to contribute tough investment time underneath long shot recession and lost controls of marketing psychology, and yet to hold challenging long term figure of technology in software business management realizing.

Sport: Certificate for running Blind Support from JBMA

Since Yoshihiro participated in a session of blind challenging accompaniment on 2.08, a certificate would keep in mind that Yoshihiro has strong motivation and volunteer feeling of blind support when it comes to blind marathon. JBMA certified runners are typically available in scale of hundreds men/ women power, and then blind and non-blind runners get together and actively practice every Saturday. Yoshihiro is one of JBMA certified blind marathon supporters, and moreover blind challengers running.

2009 Sports would start as a member of JBMA, after Yoshihiro joined a memorial race to advance challenged runners in 2008-11.

  • How to run beside blind?
  • How to make calls to course navigation?
  • How to keep running pace to associate peer?

Application Development for Beta Project Management

In order to better essentially implementation of project management and business administration, I articulated Application of Beta Project Management to outline how system engineering embodies production life cycle management for well known Beta phase. That would sum up what I designed in a multi-national enterprise company, and experimentally proved performance improvement by system engineering design.

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